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OSH Specialist Program

Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Program


Occupational Safety and Health Specialists are responsible for implementing occupational safety and health programs and management system in workplaces. They should be properly trained to make sure they have the requisite occupational safety and health knowledge and skill to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

All courses for this program are endorsed by the National Safety Management Society, USA and approved for the accredited Associate Safety Health Manager(ASHM).


Intended for

This program would be appropriate for individuals with job titles such as Engineer, Supervisors and BE, BTech, any Degree and Diploma graduates who will be appointed as an OSH Specialist, Coordinator in workplaces.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to perform as an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist and Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator in workplace.


Course Contents

In order to be qualified as an OSH Specialist, a participant has to complete the following and pass an examination below:

1. 700-Introduction to Safety Management
This course discusses eight critical elements of a successful profit center safety management system. Subjects include: top management commitment, labor and management accountability, maximizing employee involvement, effective communications, hazard identification and analysis, taking corrective actions, It’stoughmaking system improvements, incident/accident investigation, and continuous safety improvement.

2. 705-Hazard Communication Program
All employers need to identify hazardous chemicals they use and develop a hazard communication (HAZCOM) program to inform their employees about those chemicals.The Hazard Communication, include written program requirements, labeling, and material safety data sheet (MSDS) maintenance and training. A sample written hazard communication program is reviewed.

3. 709-Personal Protective EIts tough
for any company to develop a safe and healthful workplace without an effective PPE program. This course provides information on using personal protective equipment to effectively protect the worker from exposure to work place hazards. Program management, hazard assessment, and training requirements are also discussed.

4. 710 -Energy Control Program – LOTO
This important course focuses on the requirements of the Energy Control Program, or more commonly called, the Lockout/Tagout Program. If something goes wrong, it usually means a very serious injury or a fatality. This course is required for any employee who is responsible for servicing and maintenance of equipment or machinery.

5. 711-Introduction to Ergonomics
This course introduces the student to the basic principles of ergonomics in the workplace. Risk factor identification, basic workstation design options, and hazard control strategies to eliminate or reduce those risk factors will be the primary focus of the course.

6. 714-Fall Protection Program
Employees who conduct work at height on elevated surfaces are exposed to fall hazards and are required to receive fall-protection training. This course presents information on the components of an effective fall-protection program; personal fall-arrest and fall-restraint systems, other fall-protection systems;, fall protection on ladders, scaffolds, and aerial platforms; training requirements; equipment inspection and maintenance and emergency-response

7. 715-Electrical Safety Basics
This course describes the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely. You will learn skills to help you recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards. This information will prepare you for additional safety training such as hands-on exercises and more detailed reviews of regulations for electrical work.

8. 717-Emergency Actions Plan
All employers are required to have emergency action plans for their work places.Emergency preparedness is a well-known concept in protecting workers’ safety and health. Emergency Action Plan, are summarized in this course.

9. OSHA Standard

10. Typical Duties of Occupational Safety and Health Specialist

11. Myanmar OSH Legal



Course Duration

This program requires 5 days, a minimum of 44 hours of study by completing eleven required courses.


The final written exam will be done at the end of the program. Passing score for each course must be at least 70%.



The successful candidate will receive:

  • OSH Specialist certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Wallet card and
  • Helmet sticker

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Occupational Safety and Health Specialist Program

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